Mid-Columbia Earth Month

National Earth Day is April 22nd, but in the Mid-Columbia Washington we celebrate it for an entire month with educational activities, tours, talks, crafts, projects, and special events.


More information at www.gogreentricities.org

Electrathon Race

2018 Flyer Coming Soon

Saturday April 21, Tri-Cities Race Kart Track

ELECTRATHON is a type of ELECTRIC MARATHON in which the winner is determined by how far you go in a certain time with a given amount of battery power. ELECTRATHON AMERICA class competition or team sport that uses specific design rules to ensure safe and fair competition. ELECTRATHON AMERICA events are held around the country and is an exciting new environmentally progressive sport.


  • To drive electrically powered vehicles as far as possible for one hour on a closed loop course using limited electrical energy.
  • To provide a forum where skill and ingenuity may be displayed, compared and tested.
  • To improve public awareness and understanding of efficient alternative electric vehicles.
  • To create an affordable sport defined by established rules in which groups and Individuals can participate competitively and safely.


Electrathon America vehicles are single person, lightweight, aerodynamic, high efficiency, electric vehicles with three or four wheels. They must meet specific design and safety rules. They are powered by deep cycle lead acid battery packs not exceeding 67 pounds. Only sealed lead acid batteries will be allowed. See the design rules for specific battery information.


Membership is open to any individual, club or educational institution complying with the event and vehicle regulations.

Franklin PUD, SEEnetwork, Kennewick School District, and the Tri-Cites Kart Club, The Sustainable Living Center and others work together to support this annual educational event now over a decade in operation. This event is a team sport for young engineers. It also recognizes opportunities for student/parent teams and community groups to be involved. Alternative energy vehicles have evolved and grown in affordability and availability. local groups supporting Electrathon America recognize the changing transportation world and want our students and our community to be ready to meet these new challenges.

For spectators you cannot help but marvel at the technical accomplishments and team commitment exhibited at this rally. This is an engineering study at its best and a race with strategy and discipline unrivaled by other motorsports. These cars a fast and agile and the students that come to race are here to win and to learn from the experience. Electric vehicles are here to stay, we encourage the public and those interested in participating in a local team to come and see what all the excitement is about. This event is family friendly and has been described as the modern day soap box derby.

New to the event this year is the growing community of local EV (Electric Vehicle) drivers, come and meet the EV community and see some great racing too.