The Sustainable Energy & Environmental Network is a non-profit organization based in the Tri-Cities, Washington dedicated to educating and assisting the environmental stewardship and sustainable use of energy resources and technologies. We accomplish this by focusing on three main areas: Environmental education and stewardship, Sustainable technology in the community, and Sustainable technology in the classroom.

Our Focus Areas

Environmental education and stewardship: Mid-Columbia Earth Month activities, events and community clean-up projects, green business networking.

Sustainable technology in the community: Electrathon electric vehicle car race open competition, traveling exhibits that demonstrate basic alternative energy concepts, grant research and submission, speakers and tours of local energy facilities.

Sustainable technology in the classroom: Sustainable technology in the classroom: SEEnet reaches into the classroom in a variety of ways. Most prominent is the Delta High School Electric Vehicle Engineering Club that attracts high school students from throughout the Tri-Cities. The club meets on Wednesdays for classroom discussion and hands-on experience on Saturdays throughout the school year. The club is led by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Scientist and SEEnet volunteer Peter Rieke. The club discusses, designs, builds and operates/races an electric derby car to Electrathon America races in the Northwest.

Environmental information for the community: Go Green Tri-Cities is not only a website, but the name of a group of like-minded people that keep sustainable issues in the forefront of citizen's minds. Events, activities, volunteer opportunities, a green business directory, list of second-hand stores, resources and more are all at

We hope you'll join us in furthering sustainable technology and environmental education in the Mid-Columbia!

SEEnetwork is proud to announce the launching of Go Green Tri-Cities, a one-stop resource that highlights green businesses, resources, events, and recreation in Tri-Cities, WA, and surrounding area.


Go Green Tri-Cities
Benton-Franklin Trends
Delta High School Electric Vehicle Engineering Club
Richland Green Living
Alliance for a Livable Sustainable Community

SEEnetwork is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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